About Jeannine Williams Design

Jeannine Williams Design, Inc. is a high-end interior design firm dedicated to creating luxury,
one-of-a-kind environments that reflect each client’s character and lifestyle.

Jeannine Williams Design, Inc. was founded in 1991 in New York City. Prior to establishing the firm, Williams worked with renowned New York interior designer Mariette Himes Gomez at Gomez Association, handling high-profile design projects for five years.

Design, for Jeannine Williams, is a lifelong fascination, inspired in early childhood. This long-standing affair with design provided Jeannine with an intuitive, deep and rare understanding of the mechanics of design and construction, essential for true quality.

As a true boutique designer, Williams employs a select set of skilled craftsmen to execute custom, hand-made pieces, ranging from upholstery, furniture, window treatments and flooring to paint finishes, plaster molding and lighting.

Delighting in intricate detailing, Williams creates unique designs, working hand in hand with her craftsmen to ensure her vision is executed at the highest level of workmanship, which meets her standards as a self-described perfectionist.

Williams has gained extensive experience with medium to large-scale projects, covering townhouses, Park Avenue city apartments and summer homes in the Hamptons, which involved intense reconfiguration of the living space.

Jeannine's passion for her work, her inherent vision for the potential of each space, and close work with each client, transform clients' lifestyle and create a new and improved experience for clients in their home.