Design Process

Jeannine Williams strongly believes in creating a unique space and flavor for each and every client.

Avoiding formula design, she strives to maintain a fresh, free-flowing creative process for every new project. Williams' eclectic taste integrates modern and traditional styles, and plays with neutral and vivid color palettes to create differentiated living spaces.


To realize her personalized approach, Williams handles only a few select projects at a time, allowing her to personally and closely manage all aspects of the project. From the conceptual phase to the completed process, she is involved at every level, from sketches and drawings to material selection and all documentation of the design concept. Williams provides comprehensive project management, working closely with contractors and architects to steer each project to a successful completion.

Williams maintains a particularly through approach, performing extensive research regarding client lifestyle and preferences, scrutinizing every detail and carefully planning out the project prior to execution of actual design and construction.


Jeannine Williams blends her vision with the reality of client needs. She believes in creating spaces which are not only beautiful and luxurious, but also offer exceptional resilience and functionality which transcend their façade. Williams often accompanies her clients throughout various phases of their lives, helping their high-end living space evolve in response to their changing needs, as singles, newlyweds, parents to a small baby and a larger family, while still retaining the original charm.