JWD is a full-service design firm, offering a wide array of services, from design consultation to complete custom interior design, furniture design, project management, art selection and styling.

Custom Interior Design Services

JWD can handle focused design projects according to customer needs and requests. From a single room to general color schemes and materials, JWD flexibly adapts to customer needs and financial scope.

Full Design Consultation

JWD guides customers through a full-scale creative process, furnishing them with a detailed, ready-to-implement design. Clients receive concepts and materials which translate their lifestyle and character into a memorable home.

Construction Project Management

JWD plans, coordinates and monitors end-to-end construction projects to create a functionally viable space. The firm closely follows each stage in the project to ensure a high quality work and finish.

Interior Design Collaboration With Architect

JWD collaborates with architects to achieve a total revamp of the space, or design the interior of a new building. With her in-depth technical understanding, Jeannine Williams is at ease with building plans and technical drawings and has wide experience in close work with architects.

Custom Furniture Design

JWD creates a wide variety of custom-made pieces, from luxurious sofas to built-in cabinets using high end materials and including intricate detailing and sumptuous fabrics. JWD employs a skilled set of craftsmen to closely monitor the creation of exquisite furniture at the highest level of workmanship.

Art Selection and Acquisition

JWD assists clients in selecting fine art, sculpture and any genre of their choice for inspiration or for intensifying the visual experience of their home.

Interior Styling

From a small tweak to show off a special element, to a more thorough effort to enhance the room, JWD can restyle the interior and dramatically enhance the pleasure of using it. In Restyling projects, JWD uses both new and existing possessions and elements to transform the look and feel of any space

Interior Staging for Resale

JWD will polish up your home to make it stand out in the current property market. Our firm will style your property, including furnishings and elements which can make a significant difference and maximize buyers' offers.